Why is PPC Marketing Important?

Pay Per Click, commonly known as PPC, is an essential tool for businesses looking for online success. PPC marketing is a strategy that should not be overlooked in favour of SEO and social media marketing. While these can be effective ways to market your business when used as part of a larger strategy, there’s no denying that PPC is becoming more prominent and can no longer be ignored if you’re looking to generate more leads, sales and traffic.

Pay per click advertising, whether this is through Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads or even Twitter promoted tweets, is a great way to reach your potential customers fast and promote your products or services. PPC can have a massive impact on most businesses and brands. If you aren’t doing any PPC marketing, you’re likely losing out on valuable traffic and revenue.

Budget and Schedule

When beginning a new Ads campaign, you have the choice of a set budget you may want to spend. This budget can be increased or decreased at any time through out your campaign. This can also be applied to your cost-per-click (CPC). For instance if a specific keyword is very competitive and it is using too much budget, you have the ability to change these.

The beauty of PPC is that you are 100% in control. For example if you have various campaigns running for testing purposes, you will find out which one performed better as well as placing more budget into the campaigns that are obtaining higher results. You may also select a specific time or day when you want your ads to run.


Cost Effective

Paid Per Click marketing allows you to only pay for clicks. This means, for instance you might pay 4 dollars for a click, however that click may bring you a $400 sale. You can also determine the most effective ads by tracking where people are clicking through and where they abandon, especially if your click to conversion rates are low.


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Measure and Track

Through PPC, you are able to track any goal, downloads, contest entries, email signups etc. This is extremely beneficial as tracking information can allow you to improve your ads further, For example if you have 3 ads running for dogs hair grooming and one of them is bringing in more traffic than the others, then you may choose to increase your budget for that specific ad or improve the other two.

Measurable results are an advantage as you may choose to present these and outline how your PPC campaigns are performing throughout every month.

Instant Results

Unlike SEO, PPC can achieve instant results. For example, creating a Google Ads campaign will place you at the top of Google’s search results page when users are looking for one of the keywords implemented in your ads. This means more traffic and more leads as you appear instantly when someone is searching for your products or services.

May I also add that PPC can greatly contribute towards your SEO campaign as they work at their full potential when used together.

Specific Target

One of the greatest factors about PPC Advertising is that you only pay to find exactly who you want to reach. Using keywords, demographics, and interests, the search engine puts your ad up where it matters the most. The leads will be real and relevant, and you can always readjust based on what is working the best. Usually in about 3-6 months, you can make a great return on your PPC ad budget investment.

So now you know the importance of Paid Per Click marketing. If you have a business and you have been troubled in succeeding or need assistance with PPC, please do not hesitate to contact one of our digital marketing specialists.