Why Are Header Tags Important for SEO?

Headings on your website, also known as HTML and Header Tags, are crucial as they can potentially affect your SEO rankings and also give readers a better understanding and readability of your content. There are 6 header tags and each one of them serves a unique purpose on your web pages. Each one indicates a level of importance, H1 being the big boss. Header 1 tags should always be at the top of the page as they are the main title.

They are use to differentiate the main headline (H1) and sub headings (H2-H6) from the rest of the content on a specific web page. Every page on your website should at least have a H1 tag to show search engines and users what the whole page is about. 

The Importance of header tags in seo | new online road

Header Tags in SEO

Google has recently indicated that they use H tags in order to identify the structure of the text on a page better. On-page SEO plays a big role in your search engine rankings and Header Tags have 2 main purposes in this; structuring the page for readability and keyword relevance. 

When selecting a H1 tag for your page, this should be highly related to the most important keyword that you choose to rank for or the one that relates to the post the most. For instance, if you write a blog in regards to comfortable and affordable couches, you should definitely include the word “couch” in your main header. This is important due to Google scanning your page for headers when choosing which website to show to a user when a query is made through the search engine. 

Header 1 tags are not the only important headers as H2 – H6 tags are also considered by search engines when deciding which page will be selected as the best choice for a web browser. For example, referring back to couches, if you were to make a sub-heading you would want it to be something along the lines of “Top 5 most comfortable couches”. 

Headers help keep a well structured website in order, making it easier to read, because let’s be honest, no body wants to read a block of words right? This doesn’t only help readers and visitors in your website comprehend your text better but also for search engines as they scan your page as well. 

If your page is well divided into sections, outlining headers with their corresponding tag, then you have a got a much higher chance of ranking on search engines. 



When you are creating a post/page for your website next, ensure you are distinguishing the importance of each header by outlining it as H1-H6 correspondingly so that users can easily read your blog at a quick glance. Ensure your headers are keyword rich, relevant to your text and easy to read so search engines can crawl through it and improve your rankings, ultimately generating more traffic and boosting sales.