What is a “Call-To-Action” & How to Utilise It?

There is a vast range of digital marketing techniques which can be used towards the main goal of conversions. Call to action buttons can achieve this as they are a huge essential part of all areas of marketing as well as sales.  

A call to action (CTA) is a statement designed to get an immediate reaction from a reader or user. CTA’s can be the turning point of a sale where the buyer feel as though they must take the next step towards a sale. Every marketing campaign should count on as many CTA’s as possible as they encourage people to take further action. 

In this New Online Road article you will learn exactly how a call to action can benefit all businesses across different industries. 

What is a CTA?

Calls to action are utilised by most businesses as a marketing strategy to get your target audience to follow through by taking immediate action. CTA’s can be used throughout a sales pitch or at the end, making potential clients and customers aware of what is the next step they must take if they are interested on the offer.

Once your brand has made their case and won over their audience, your CTA will appear as the next natural step to get your audience on board. CTA’s are essentially the last point of conversion and therefore it must reel the consumer in. 

While it may seem quite obvious to let your audience know what the next step of the sale is, many business owners do not comply with CTA’s as part of their marketing strategy. However, leaving CTA ruled out of  your marketing strategy and plan can be a huge mistake and loss of revenue. Rather than assuming your prospect already knows what the next step is, make it clear for them, and the chances of them following through will be much greater. 

what are call to actions and why are they important | new online road

How do CTA’s Work?

Usually a “BUY NOW” button is the most common call to action button in the digital world, however CTA can assist you in sales by placing them elsewhere rather than just the sales process. 

For instance, they can appear in email campaigns, social media posts, webpages, radio jingles, billboards or video copy. A call to action can be used in a scenario such as building your email list, placing a CTA which says “sign up for free report”. Put simply, call to actions can be used in any sort of communication you may have with potential clients. 

If you want to maximise your opportunity in sales, New Online Road encourages you to make sure that on every single page of your website and sales conversion you must have a clearly defined and easily identifiable CTA. If you are a blogger, have a CTA at the edn of every blog, linking readers to more blogs you have written. 

An extremely helpful tip in order to have the correct CTA’s, is including a sense of urgency so that they are urged to go though with the call to action. Furthermore, making sure your website “contact us” page has clickable calls to action such as your phone, email and location is crucial as otherwise it makes tit harder for users to get in touch with you.

what are call to actions and why are they important | new online road

Why Are They Important?

Calls to action motivate users to take immediate and instant action in regards to whatever the scenario may be. This is due to CTA’s producing a sense for fear of missing out. 

CTA’s are essential for any business trying to convert sales. Having a call to action helps guide the prospect through the sales funnel and enhances their user experiences by being direct and telling them what you want them to do.

If you create a correct CTA, this can  greatly create more engagement, and therefore sales and stronger customer relationships. It can literally be the point of difference between a user that bounces and a conversion.