Top 5 Tips to Get Your Business Ranking on Google

So you have started a business, you have an awesome responsive website, however you are no where to be seen on Google when potential customers are looking for your products/services. Don’t stress, you have come to the right place. Ranking on Google is not something that occurs over night just by optimising your on-page SEO. In order for you to begin ranking on the first page of Google search results, there are 5 main steps you must first perfect. If you follow these 5 steps your business will rank on page 1 of Google much quicker as Google looks through all aspects of optimisation in order to give your website more authority.

Google My Business

Google My Business is an extremely powerful tool in which Google allows you to showcase all aspects of your business in a short summary. In order for you to rank higher, Google wants your GMB to be optimised to its full potential. And not only that, furthermore you must regularly post at least once a week. You should begin by listing your business and claiming it. After you have activated your account, you must add in a short summary in regards to your business, your location, contact details and services. Regular posts are very important as you can add any offers, sales or events your business may have. Due to this being completed correctly, when a potential client is looking for a related service or product, your posts will appear, drawing them towards your website.

top 5 tips to get your business ranking on Google

SSL Certificate

Since July 2019 Google requires all websites to have an SSL security certificate in order to rank on its search result pages. If you have not yet acquired an SSL certificate, this means your website is considered not secure. You can easily find out by checking your URL. If your URL states “https://” it means it is secured. However if the “s” is missing, it will indicate everyone who lands on your website, alarming them that the current webpage is not secure and not to enter any personal details as it can be interfered by hackers.

top 5 tips to get your business ranking on Google

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is the most important factor in order for you to see accomplished results on Google’s search results page. All of your website’s pages must have optimised titles and meta descriptions. In order to complete this, you must study all the keywords and key phrases which users are typing in for your website to appear. Once the backend of your website has been optimised to its maximum potential with the best ranking keywords, you must update the relevance of the content on each of your pages. For example, if the meta description indicates your business sells the best women’s clothing in Sydney, then the content on your page must match this as well. This way, when Google crawls through your website when someone is searching for your product, you will appear, as your content and backend demonstrate relevance. 

top 5 tips to get your business ranking on Google

Social Links

As you may or may not already know, backlinks give your website more authority. Therefore having as many social media icons as possible on your page, your business will rank higher. If you have not already done this, your web developer should add all social platforms you are active on such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. You must also make sure all these icons added to your website actually redirect to your social profiles.

top 5 tips to get your business ranking on Google


Last but not least, another extremely important tip; PDFs. Having any PDFs on your website is a big mistake in the SEO world. This is due to Google not being able to crawl through information in the format of an image. For example, if you have a menu for your restaurant in the form of a PDF, Google will not be able to read through all your different products. Furthermore, when a potential customer is searching on Google for a specific dish, if your menu is in PDF, your website will not rank for it. It is extremely important that any content on your website must be in written form so that you can rank for all those keywords.

top 5 tips to get your business ranking on Google

In conclusion, now that you know what can benefit your SEO, it is crucial that you follow these 5 main steps in order for your business to rank on Google. The biggest benefit of it all is that when a user is searching for a related product or service, your website will show up before your competitors, therefore drawing more potential customers to your site, converting them into sales.