How Video Marketing Helps in Building Brand Trust

Ever thought about why videos on social media and other platforms keep you stuck, staring at your phone screen for hours and hours, but images won’t? We will tell you how video marketing has dominated social media platforms and how it has transformed marketing methods for the 21st century.

Video Marketing is gaining a lot of attention lately, especially in today’s time. It is considered the most critical element of successful digital marketing strategies as consumers are 4x more likely to watch a video about the product rather than reading about it. Moreover, studies have shown that businesses may lose customer’s interest if they do not have any video. Video is no longer just a piece of an overall marketing plan. It’s vital to the outreach and campaign efforts of any business and most importantly for their social strategy.

Video Marketing is a technique in which video is being used as a marketing tool to reach the target audience. Not only it is an engaging idea to market the product in a video format, but it also helps the brand connect with the audience and build trust with the viewers.

Today, even small and medium-sized businesses are utilising video marketing to the fullest and to their benefit as it helps them portray their personality and authenticity to the viewers. However, building trust through video marketing copy is not that difficult, you just need to follow five simple steps to begin the connection with your audience. 

1. Be Authentic and Tell Your Brand Story:

How Video Marketing Helps in Building Brand Trust | brand story

There are some videos in your marketing campaign that are considered as “foundation” videos as these videos help in building the groundwork of your brand’s identity, voice, mission, vision, and goals. Basically, behind every great brand, there is a great story, and these videos explain your brand’s story and what your brand is about and the foremost reason for its existence.

To stimulate a genuine connection with your audience, these videos should be 100% authentic and personal. Additionally, the brand video can also include information about your team, the environment your business works in, your customers, and what your business does for the local community. Be sure in discussing why your viewers should opt for your products/services compared to your competitors. It is essential to keep in mind that the video should be interesting and ingenious to grab the viewer’s attention in just seconds.

2. Share Customer Testimonials:

How Video Marketing Helps in Building Brand Trust | customer testimonials

Customer testimonials and referrals play a substantial role in the customer’s decision-making process and building trust. Once a customer knows about your business and the reason behind its existence, next, the customer wants to know about what current or previous clients think about your business.

Word-of-mouth is the most effective and quickest marketing method and provides the basis for trust-building for potential clients. Moreover, a good customer testimonial video clipping should be precise & clear and must contain the following:

  • Which services did the customer opt for?
  • Why did they choose your company?
  • How was their service experience with your business?
  • Why do they value the brand?


Once the viewer learns and understands the above topics distinctly, they are more likely to build relationships with the brand and may turn into your brand advocates in the future.

3. Highlight your Industry Expertise:

Showcasing and highlighting your industry expertise can also help you build trust with your potential customers. When you make videos about new trends, styles, innovations, and tips about your business or industry, it assists you in building credibility with your target audience. This way you are not only educating your customers about the products and services but also giving your business bonus content.

Additionally, making industry highlights also connect you with other businesses within your industry and this type of networking can be extremely fruitful in the future to expand your customer base, knowledge and business.

4. Go Behind the Scenes:

How Video Marketing Helps in Building Brand Trust | behind the scenes

Trust is a pivotal element for any business and when a customer can see what’s truly behind the business curtains, they are able to feel the connection between them and the business more closely. A simple glimpse into how the business runs from the back and what are the daily challenges that they face, or a simple employee interview, can do wonders for your business. 

The more familiar the customer is with the people behind the product or with the people who represent the brand, the more they will feel associated. It all depends on how successfully you are at telling your story to the audience because that will decide whether the customer will remember your brand or not.

5. Share Product Videos:

How Video Marketing Helps in Building Brand Trust | product videography

Any business trying to build relationships and trust with its target audience will never focus on selling the products but on how to represent the product that the customer feels extremely satisfied while making the purchase. A detailed product video is far more engaging and interactive than a detailed product description.

Research shows that more than 90% of the customers say that product videos are helpful in the decision-making process, therefore, the businesses should not miss out on this exclusive opportunity to build credibility. Moreover, product videos are more viable as the “live” action conveys more trustworthiness than images. As of today, we have so many advanced photo editing software which can create misconceptions about the product, a product video can play a convincing role in that situation.


With these simple video marketing tips, any business irrespective of the industry can conquer the trust of its target audience. The primary focus of all businesses should be to create engaging, entertaining, creative, and interactive video content so that viewers feel more connected to your brand and business. 

Also, regardless of what type of content you create, make sure that your brand voice and videos are authentic to create a long-lasting relationship with your customers because customers are extremely sensitive and smart and one wrong move can make you lose a valuable customer for life.