Why is Content Marketing so Crucial for your Business?

Content marketing consists of a range of different strategies which revolve around the creation, publication or distribution of content. This is achieved through targeting various audiences with the purpose of bringing in more traffic towards ones website and therefore increasing sales for the business.

Let’s just say for instance, you are the owner of a pet grooming business which has recently experienced a decrease in clientele. As an effect you begin writing blogs based on how to properly brush your dog, what you should be feeding them in order for them to have healthy fur, and so on. Over a short period of time these posts will begin to rank for the keywords you have focused on relating to pet grooming. The higher it ranks, the more people that will come across the informative blogs. As these pet owners begin to read your blogs every week, they start to trust you as an expert. Therefore they are very likely to visit your pet grooming store as a result of the trust and credibility built between you and the customer through blogs which helped them with their pets. 

This is a brilliant example of how powerful content marketing can be towards your business due to its high effectiveness. Below are the top 5 reasons why this sort of marketing is crucial in order for you to grow and expand online.

1. Build Trust With Your Audience

As outlined in the example above, a pet groomer utilises his experience and knowledge to teach and educate readers. The more content you get out there, the more readers you will have. Ultimately it will become clear that you are a trusted expert in your field. As a result of this more customers will begin to trust you and come to you when they need any services. This is due to people preferring someone that they believe has authority and will provide a top service for their  clients or customers.

Content Allows You to Build Brand Awareness

2. Build Brand Awareness

If you are not doing any marketing currently, it is probably safe to say not many people are aware of your business. In this day and age having an online presence is absolutely crucial. Through content marketing such as videos or blogs, traffic towards your website can significantly increase if done in a proper manner. 

You’ll be able to generate more awareness and leads for your business through your content and use it to demonstrate your skill and expertise again and again.

3. Works Alongside SEO

When someone searches for your products and services on Google, content marketing can have an immense impact and influence on whether you will be found or if your competitors will instead. Google crawls through everything, however it will only show the most relevant and helpful pages on the internet in order to accurately assist users searching for services/products. To place it into very simple words, the more relevant and helpful content that your website has, the higher chance your business has to rank and appear on the Google search results page. This is due to content expanding the number of indexed pages on your website. For instance, a personal training website which uploads weekly content on how to get fitter, will have far more pages than a similar business who indeed never posts at all. Therefore as an end result, when someone types “how to lose weight fast” on Google, guess which personal trainer will receive all the traffic? 

Search engine algorithms are always changing, but as long as you consistently create and keep your content current, informative and relevant, it will rank higher and longer in the search engines.

Content Marketing Works Along Side SEO

4. Lead Generation

One of the most remarkable aspects of content marketing is of course lead generation. At the end of the day the main purpose of digital marketing is to generate new leads continuously and driving in traffic so that your business keeps on growing. Existing customers are just important as new ones as a business needs new leads to efficiently expand. 

Content marketing has a huge impact on how your business is found by potential customers who are researching for your services or products. Through different techniques of content marketing, awareness is increased leading to an increase in web traffic which can then convert into more sales.

Content Marketing Allows You to Build Lead Generation

5. Build Backlinks

If you are able to create expert content, other websites with high authority may link your site in order to show your quality information. Your audience can very easily and rapidly multiply depending on the websites which have linked you. Search engines such as Google use backlink criteria in order to rank your website. If authority sites are linking to yours and more people are visiting your site through those links, your page authority increases. Creating backlinks is not a simple task to achieve, however it definitely rewards your business in a huge manner.


With all the benefits described above, it’s easy to see why is content marketing important for businesses of all sizes and the list of advantages goes on and on. It simply just works as it drives in more traffic towards your website and it has the ability to create brand awareness.