Top 8 Facebook Advertising Tips to Try

Are you tired of losing money on Facebook Ads? Don’t know how to optimise Facebook Ads?

Today, Facebook is considered the most used social media platform in the nation and in Australia, over 11.5 million people (almost 40% of the Australian Population) are using this social media platform.

Also, being a huge platform for day-to-day interaction, Facebook is also one of the emerging and best advertising platforms for both B2B and B2C businesses. With a variety of options available for the advertisers, Facebook is like a paradise for higher reach and conversions and leveraging this platform correctly can give endless benefits to the business. But the question is how to create a profitable Facebook ad?

Not to worry. We will walk you through some of the finest Facebook Advertising tips that will dramatically change the way you approach Facebook advertising forever. Let’s take a look.

Tip #1: Choose the Correct Facebook Ad Types

Facebook offers different ad types for different advertisement purposes. It is entirely your choice which ad type to choose as it can be either as dynamic as canvas ads, carousel ads, page post engagement ads, video ads, or as simple as GIF & single image ads. It is extremely important to choose the right ad type to maximise the benefit that will reap from it and to achieve the objective the advertiser need to follow these steps:

  • Perfectly define your campaign goals/objective
  • Choose the relevant type that fits with your defined goals
  • Narrow down your options
  • Write the ad copy and try different layout options
  • Use different ad types for different goals.
  • Target the correct audience
  • Test, Analyse, & Corrections

Tip #2: Take advantage of Facebook Pixel

Facebook pixel is one of the most powerful and effective tools when Facebook advertising is concerned. With Facebook Pixel installed on your website, you can track the actions people take on your website and retarget the website visitors. For a step-by-step guide to install it on your website, visit this link.

Moreover, for beginners, Facebook Pixel could be a great way to collect valuable data like KPIs, cost per purchase, cost per lead, etc. Also, having Facebook Pixel installed on your website, makes it easier for the advertisers to optimise the campaigns and get the most of their ad budget. Additionally, through Facebook pixel data, businesses can also promote in-store traffic and appeal to quick shoppers.

Tip #3: Use Automatic Placements

Placement of Ad simply refers to where your Ad is going to be displayed. When advertising on Facebook, there are numbers of placement options to choose from except Facebook like: Instagram, Messenger, and Audience Network. Choosing multiple placement options means the ad will automatically appear on the platform where they are likely to perform best.

If the objective of your campaign is to increase your conversions, then automatic placements will give you the best results as Facebook will automatically put your ads in places where they are likely to get more conversions.

Tip #4: Be aware of competitor’s Ads

Does your competitor generate better results than you? If yes, then analysing competitors can be insightful and most importantly can open the funnel for improvements. With the Facebook Ad Library tool, you can look at anyone’s Facebook Ads whether they are from your country or another and based on those ads one can evaluate the impact of their own content and make the required tweaks to lead just like their competitors.

Tip #5: Consider the mobile experience as well

mobile optimization

Always try composing or previewing your ad on a mobile device. The majority of the target audience today is to be found on mobile devices, therefore, optimising the ads for the mobile experience can increase the engagement rate of your ads. Using single images, or text-free images with simple messages can get you higher engagement as compared to big-sized ads. 

Tip #6: Take Advantage of Campaign Budget Optimisation

Campaign Budget optimisation (CBO) is also one of the useful features provided by Facebook Ads which cannot be ignored by the advertisers. With this feature, you can set your budget at a campaign level that will help you to optimise your entire budget across distinctive ad sets and result in a larger part of your budget being spent on the target audiences that deliver the best results. Using CBO will surely lead to more conversions and a lower cost per conversion.

Tip #7: Get Familiar with Custom Audiences

A Facebook custom audience is a targeting option that lets you find your existing audiences among the people who are on Facebook. So instead of targeting a large group of people based on luck and broad demographics like age, gender, etc., you can target your ads based on the data from your own website, app, or Facebook itself. Further, it not only allows you to retarget ads to people who have previously interacted with your posts but also helps in crafting ads for the specific segments of your audience and upselling new products. Also, through the custom audience, you have an option to create and add a layered behavioural, demographic, and interest targeting which results in a refined audience group for your business.

Tip #8: Create Relevant Facebook Ads

Facebook offers another crucial feature known as the Facebook Ad relevance score which measures the quality and engagement level of your ads. This score is pivotal as it determines your cost per click on Facebook and how frequently Facebook shows your ad. The score is scaled between 1 to 10 where having 1 relevant score means you have a poor ad and 10 means you have a great ad. The lesser the score means your audience is less likely to engage with your ads and the higher the score means the audience feel your ad is more relevant and engaging. There are 2 ways in which one can increase the relevance score:

  • Hyper-specific targeting
  • Testing of Ads


So, these are some power-packed tips and steps for all the beginners and current users of Facebook Ads to increase the performance of their ads and make the most out of their marketing budget. Now that you have learned some tips for successful Facebook advertising, apply them to your next campaign to achieve positive results out of it. If you are still struggling and need some help, New Online Road is always here to help you. Contact our team today and they will take care of your social media needs.