The Importance of Web Security in Digital Marketing

Developing a good and strong strategy with respect to security is essential for success in digital marketing. It is quite a simple process to develop a successful digital marketing strategy, you need to conduct market research, identify your audience, develop content, plan customer retention versus prospect conversion, and think about how it all fits into your sales funnel. However, you also need to think critically about how to deal with individuals’ data and securely handle it because neglecting this aspect can involve significant threats and risks for both your business and your customers. This might also result in losing huge amounts of audience and eventually money that you have invested in building the website.

Today, we at New Online Road are going to talk about some common forms of cyber-attacks that you should look out for and why.

1. Malware

Malware | Website Security Blog

Today the most important concern for any website user or visitor is to keep their information safe from all types of threats and scams. It is of utmost importance that you give special attention to website security when you are handling customer information and data. We can all agree that the internet has made our lives simpler and more interesting. However, it is also filled with potential threats and menaces. Sometimes when a site is malicious, simply opening the site becomes an access point for hackers to infect your system or take away your sensitive information in no time.

2. WordPress Security

WordPress Security | Website Security Blog

For those who are unaware, we would like to tell you that more than 70% of WordPress sites are not optimised for security and that is why hackers know their way around these sites quite well. Hackers usually go for your data and information stored on the website’s database but in most cases, they would want to take over your email accounts to use your server to send spam emails. Spamming is a very common term in the world of the internet and most ISPs and software filters will block an IP address identified as a source of spam. The reason why hackers use your email servers is to avoid getting blocked from these software filters. But once your email has been flagged as spam then your own email campaigns can be severely limited as you will start getting blacklisted.

3. Non-Human Traffic

Non-Human Traffic | Website Security Blog

It is quite an interesting fact that more than half of web traffic is non-human. This includes robots committing click fraud, scrapers that record links, spam bots, and many more. The automated nature of online advertising platforms is a perfect hunting ground for these bots. Nonetheless, these threats can be tackled or dodged by sharing the information with parties who can track the originating IP addresses, or expose spam or false domain lists. Additionally, websites can also fight bots with CAPTCHA tests which ensure the user is human or a robot.

4. Payment Details

Payment Security | Website Security Blog

In order to pay for anything online, you’ll have to provide a method of payment. Common payment methods include credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers. Unfortunately, there will be hackers looking to capture your account and password information. So, it is important to make sure that you use a secure payment method. It is also important to make sure that the website you are using is secure, as well as any apps you are using for payment. If you don’t take the recommended safety precautions, your computer could at one point end up being infected with keylogging spyware.

There are many ways a hacker can quickly get ahold of all of your personal information which could even lead to identity theft. It is important to know how to prevent this by installing the necessary software and using two-factor authentication.

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