How Your Business Can Overcome COVID-19 (Coronavirus)?

As you may be well aware the coronavirus (COVID-19) is spreading and doubling every 3 days. This Pandemic is affecting everybody, however, small businesses in particular. Australia has now over 1,700 cases whilst having a huge impact on our everyday lives as well as the economy. As the population grows scared and in fear, most people stay home trying to isolate themselves. Well because of this, almost every business is now empty, having to let go of their workers, struggling with rent and therefore placing their company’s on hold. Will things get better for us? Absolutely. When? We do not know.

Here is something we do know however, digital marketing can save your business in these chaotic times! Everybody needs services and products to carry on with everyday life. This can be easily and rapidly achieved with digital marketing as you raise brand awareness by placing your business in the full front. As Aussies stay home, more and more of us are using the internet and specifically search engines to find the services that we still need while isolating ourselves. Let me give you an example: John is desperate for toilet paper however he does not want to risk getting sick. How will he find what he needs? Search Engines. And guess who John will purchase that toilet paper from? Not you, as you are currently not appearing on those search engines or paid per click advertising. 

You can use both of these digital marketing strategies:

1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can help you rank on search engines through organic free clicks as you appear for different branded and non-branded keywords. 

2. Search Engine Marketing or Paid Per Click Ads in which you will instantly rank in position #1 through paid clicks.

This is where Digital Marketing comes in place and it can literally save your business as you keep expanding. If you have any questions in regards to how we can help you grow and stand out, please reach out to us and we will be more than happy to help you.