How to Maximise Your Website’s Home Page? 

A website is the first touchpoint for any potential customer in today’s digital world. Even experienced digital marketers and companies struggle to nail their homepage content.

There’s no perfect way or systematic framework for designing a seamless homepage as different businesses have a different target audience and product offerings, but there is a range of options and tips which are pivotal or must for any successful homepage. In other words, to make your homepage attractive and time-worthy for the viewer you’ll need to incorporate elements that gather leads, educate viewers, and invite conversion. 

Website Banner Design: Why is it Important?

A website banner is the main imagery that is placed on the top of any website homepage. In website terms, it can also be referred to as a hero image, hoarding sign or above the fold. The website banner should be precise and clear and within approximately 3 seconds, it should be able to tell visitors what your business has to offer, and they came to the right place otherwise they will hit the back button. Also, it is highly recommended to avoid stock images on website banners as people pick up on fakeness. 

Moreover, the website banner’s button also depends upon what do you want your visitors to do? Also known as a prominent call-to-action button that reflects the goal of your business. For instance, if you are an e-commerce company, you would want your visitors to shop for your products, therefore you will put “Shop Now” as your prominent CTA on the website banner.

Additionally, the website banner size also determines how much content you can fit above the fold. Basically, if the banner size is too big, then you will be able to show less content to your visitors on the first fold of your homepage. Sometimes, if your website offers a variety of services, you might want to decrease the website banner size to give your visitors a sneak-peek of the products, which further leads them to the other pages of the website as well. 

Lastly, it also important for any website owner to see how many numbers of website banners to use and what style of banner suits the website the best as there is a minimum chance that website visitors will wait for more than 2 seconds on each banner, therefore, the number of website banners should not be anything more than required.

how to make the most out of your website's home page | new online road

Website Header: Why is it Important?

Website Header is the topmost section of any webpage and the first thing any website visitor sees when they reach the website. A website header emphasizes the most pivotal elements of any website which includes navigation links to the deeper pages of the website, company logo, social media icons, shopping cart, and Call-to-action buttons (contact number, email, or book now icon). 

Although there is no perfect or magic number for navigation links, finding a balance between the plenty of information and its pleasing arrangement is really necessary. Also, it is suggested to use a clear and visually appealing header design and header fonts so that it is easy for the viewers to read at first glance.

Additionally, there is no such thing as a definite or perfect header size. A website header height should be of a size that does not interfere with the perception of the website banner or content below it. Lastly, choosing the header layout that suits the company logo the best is another critical factor when designing a website header. For instance, if the company logo is circular or round in shape it looks good in the middle of the header whereas rectangular or square-shaped logos look attractive on the corners.

About Us & Social Proof. Why is it Important?

The website’s homepage is the first interaction point for your potential target audience and they should clearly and easily be able to understand what your business has to offer from the information available on the homepage. The “About Us” section on the homepage is an extremely significant part of the website as it is an opportunity where your visitors get to know about your company, in simple words, it tells people about your journey. Moreover, these facts about your company become a trusting element for your customers and if you are able to gain the attention and trust of your audience you will be able to further convert them into sales.

Moving on, having Social proof is also an essential and powerful indicator of trust and therefore should be on the landing page of your website. Today, people make buying decisions on the basis of other people’s experience with the respective product or service not on the basis of general information or by just believing the quote “We are the best in the industry”. Including the client reviews and ratings, business interactions, projects/portfolio, business partners, and social media icons add to the credibility of your business. Having these features on your homepage will help you attract more traffic and possible leads for your business.


how to make the most out of your website's home page | new online road


However, there are endless ideas/tips to make a perfect homepage for your website but anyone who is planning to design a successful website or already have a website must consider these three basic and critical elements for their homepage design to gain an edge over the competitors in the market and actually get the most out of the homepage. Visit your website’s homepage and see what tweaks and changes can be done and see the results yourself.